Sanora Representing a fine border of nonchalance and overenthusiasm. Floating through meditative loops, swinging basslines and clicky drums. Harmony, acid and breakbeats. Not Techno, nor House, it's the third groove. […]

Steffen Lengler

Inside Music / Sujet Musique / HelloPeople Music / Beatgreed Steffen Lengler started his journey behind the decks not alone but together with his partner in crime Marco Salzer under […]

Jesse James Jr

Sujet Musique / Valliant Records Steering far away from the mainstream commercial take over, JesseJames Jr is all about the groove and the deeper side of house music. Minimalistic deep […]

Jampikid / Aurel

Samani Music / Hungarian Hot Wax / Lauter.Records / Whoyostro / Paille Records Playful, Energetic, Dreamy A few words that describe Jampikid, for who he is and what his music […]


Constantin Wittgenstein ist passionierter DJ und produziert seit rund 10 Jahren Musik unter den Namen „Wittgenstein“. In allem, was er tut, ist Wittgenstein ein Eklektiker und versucht Musik mit „Mind, […]