Sanora Representing a fine border of nonchalance and overenthusiasm. Floating through meditative loops, swinging basslines and clicky drums. Harmony, acid and breakbeats. Not Techno, nor House, it's the third groove. Building a knowledge between dance floor sounds and electronic experimentations. Loyal to neither. She. #vagabondingaround Peace.

Steffen Lengler

Inside Music / Sujet Musique / HelloPeople Music / Beatgreed Steffen Lengler started his journey behind the decks not alone but together with his partner in crime Marco Salzer under the name Salzer ´n Lengler . The two should not remain unknown in Munichs underground scene and probably played together once across the City. After […]

Jesse James Jr

Sujet Musique / Valliant Records Steering far away from the mainstream commercial take over, JesseJames Jr is all about the groove and the deeper side of house music. Minimalistic deep trippy vibes is his flavour, which is showcased in his sets and productions. The European underground scene was a defining influence for JesseJames Jr, labels […]

Jampikid / Aurel

Samani Music / Hungarian Hot Wax / Lauter.Records / Whoyostro / Paille Records Playful, Energetic, Dreamy A few words that describe Jampikid, for who he is and what his music stands for. He was born in the northest point of Romania in the late 90's and later moved with his family to Germany, where he […]


Constantin Wittgenstein ist passionierter DJ und produziert seit rund 10 Jahren Musik unter den Namen „Wittgenstein“. In allem, was er tut, ist Wittgenstein ein Eklektiker und versucht Musik mit „Mind, Body and Soul“ (Geist, Körper und Seele) mit einem enormen Willen zu verbinden. Wittgenstein begann im Alter von fünf Jahren Klavier zu spielen und im […]