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Jorginho Joao

August 17 22:00

House music has been around for decades, morphing into the most electric and serene
sounds that music has seen in recent memory. Jorginho Joao is one of those artists who
continually pushes the boundaries of the genre while doing it with a flair only he can offer.
The twenty-seven-year-old Munich-based producer/DJ has not only learned the ins and outs
of music theory but also self-educated himself on studio design and architecture to fully
understand how to control a crowd. Influenced by the house scene of Chicago and Detroit,
he has successfully fused these sounds with European techno to craft a raw and unfiltered
sound with booming bass and astounding synthesizers. He has been the fuel to the fire for
crowds in prominent night clubs, including Harry Klein, Baalsaal and Bahnwärter Thiel,
among others. As he now shifts his focus to creating original sounds with German artists to
debut on streaming platforms, Jorginho Joao will continue to grow with every new release!


August 17