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Dan EP

August 29 22:00

Rhythms and Resonance

Imagine a realm where uplifting house sounds meet the intricate layers of deep beats, all woven with with groovy underbelly. DanEP presents this sonic canvas with brilliance of liquid house to minimalist depth.

Starting his journey in 2014, Dan has carved a niche in Augsburg’s dance scene. Multiple aliases unfold the diverse spectrum he’s cultivated over the years. While the pandemic brought challenges, it also saw Dan firmly establishing his Hallo Werner residency, marking a new era for his Modest imprint and numerous performances across southern Germany.

Beginning with the strums of classical acoustic guitar, embracing jazz, and leading a band, DanEP transitioned into the electronic realm, finding his unique sound signature. 2019 witnessed the release of his debut album on Modest, laying the foundation for subsequent projects, including Scttrd, Daniel Schmutz, and Dr Doom.

Having released tracks on esteemed labels like Samani Music, Whoyostro, and Lauter Records, DanEP has secured his place in the industry. His DJing style is a testament to his versatility; whether through quick cuts or extended transitions, he ensures each track is given room to breathe and resonate.

Beyond the decks and studios, Augsburg is home. It’s where his artist collective thrives and where he birthed the Kontrast Festival. With events like Modest++ and the festival under his belt, DanEP’s influence extends beyond music, shaping the cultural landscape of his hometown.


August 29